Culture. Heritage. Nature. Contemporary Asia. The four pillars of Brunei's tourism products, these elements offer a unique blend of modern refinement, scenic allure, cultural reverence and majestic opulence for the discerning traveller.

As a division within the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei Tourism is a in charge of tourism development, marketing and promotion, as well as licensing of tour companies. The division has been actively engaged in the promotion of tourism to Brunei since the mid 1990s. It was then that tourism gained recognition as a rising industry capable of greatly contributing to the Kingdom’s economic diversification efforts, as well as becoming a significant generator of future employment opportunities for Brunei's citizens.

With recent increases in manpower and expertise, including the hiring of international tourism consultants, and a clear strategy with ambitious but feasible goals, Brunei Tourism is working to market its undiscovered tourism potential in the competitive regional tourism market. Brunei Tourism has also recently launched a fresh new identity to carve a face for Brunei in the competitive and dynamic regional tourism market. Brunei Tourism is committed to working closely with both local and overseas industry partners and the media to position Brunei Darussalam as a distinctive, exciting and undiscovered travel destination in Asia.

Source: Brunei Tourism


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